World Class Manufacturing

Introduction to World Class Manufacturing


intro2This is a 2 day workshop which lays the foundation for Team Training by dealing with the need for competitiveness, and explaining what is meant by the term World Class. It further exposes the participants to the problems which their organisation is exposed to in the face of global competition and the need for survival. The Best Practices are introduced as is the concept of the value chain. The team spends time identifying its Key Success Factors (KSFs) and discovers as well as appreciates the need for continuous improvement.


By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Uunderstand more about their organisation and the need for it to become World Class,
  • Clarify the team’s key success factors,
  • Understand the team’s role in the value chain,
  • Clarify the needs of the internal customers and suppliers,
  • Draw action plan for continuous improvement,
  • Understand the need for continuous improvement,
  • Deliver a high standard of service to the customer (both internal and external) by focusing on the team’s key success factors.
  • Understand the role of all TPM pillars


The trainers work hand-in-hand with the participating companies to obtain the following kinds of information:

  • information about competitors,
  • details of company Order Winners and team Key success factors (KSFs),
  • details of the company value chain

Summary of practical exercises

  • Customer-Supplier Feedback: The team spends time interviewing their internal customers and suppliers with the view to identifying and fixing internal service problems.
  • Improvement Plan: The team draws up an action plan to improve on their own KSFs, with the view to making the company more competitive.
What’s Included?

Instruction by expert facilitators

Small, interactive classes

Specialized manual and course materials

Personalized certificate of completion

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