focused improvement

Focused Improvement


This workshop is designed to run for 2 days and is aimed at helping participants identify waste in their workplace and to enable them to eliminate it through a series of 10 step kaizen technique. During the course of the workshop, the participants also discuss the cost of waste and the advantages of team problem solving.

Topics Covered

  • Waste in the work place
  • Cost of waste
  • The 16 JIPM loss structure and waste measurements
  • Identifying waste in the workplace – exercise
  • Soft kaizens (root cause analysis)
  • Deep kaizens (root cause analysis)
  • Problem solving meetings

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • understand what is meant by ‘value’ and ‘waste’,
  • understand the need to eliminate waste,
  • understand the 5 major types of waste and be able to identify them in their work area loss structure,
  • know the 6 Steps of Problem Solving,
  • be able to use problem solving tools – 5W1H, Fishbone Brainstorming, Why-Why analysis, Why-Why-Because-Logic analysis and Brainstorming – to solve workplace problems,
  • be able to implement, monitor and sustain the solutions to workplace problems through the use of One-point Lessons and SOPs.


The trainer will work hand-in-hand with the participants company to obtain the following kinds of information:

  • Details of how much waste costs the company over a specific period of time (hour, day, month, quarter, year – whichever is relevant).
  • A list of which of the 5 wastes apply to the departments and some specific customised examples to illustrate each type of waste.
  • A real workplace problem for the team to work on during the workshop.

Summary of practical exercises

  • Identifying Waste in the Workplace: The team spends time examining their workplace and completes an observation sheet giving details of wastes they have observed and suggestions for eliminating these wastes.
  • Team Problems Solving Exercise: The team spends time solving a major identified in their work area by applying the problem solving steps and tools which they have been taught.
What’s Included?

ü Instruction by expert facilitators

ü Small, interactive classes

ü Specialized manual and course materials

ü Personalized certificate of completion

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