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As more and more companies fight for survival and compete on a global scale, the implementation of ‘lean production’ or ‘world-class manufacturing’ practices has become commonplace.  These practices eliminate all forms of waste and fat (such as buffer stock, excess capacity and overproduction and long lead times) from the operational process in order to produce just what is needed when it is needed, with optimum utilization of resources.

In this sort of environment the reliability of equipment is very crucial, since a small breakdown can stop a whole plant. Equipment related problems also affect the factory’s ability to sustain satisfactory quality standards, while failures could have safety or environmental consequences too. Therefore in a capital intensive plant, the effective maintenance of equipment should be should be one of the key elements of any improvement initiative.


At the end of the course, the participants should be able to understand:

  1. Maintenance improvement strategy
  2. Basic maintenance administration
  3. Total Productive Manufacturing
  4. 5S
  5. Lubrication
  6. Preventive maintenance techniques


  1. The future vision of effective maintenance
  2. The KPIs and performance objectives
  3. The improvement master plan, milestones and responsibilities.
  4. Developing an equipment register and numbering system
  5. Work planning and control and the use of work orders
  6. Use of maintenance history
  7. Spare parts management
  8. Introduction to TPM
  9. Introduction to lubrication
  10. Corrective actions to wear
  11. The negative effects of breakdown
  12. The different maintenance strategies
    1. Fixed interval
    2. Condition based
    3. Maintenance reduction
  13. How to perform basic inspection

Who is to attend?

All maintenance personnel

What’s Included?

ü Instruction by expert facilitators

ü Small, interactive classes

ü Specialized manual and course materials

ü Personalized certificate of completion

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