The theory of Business

The Theory of Business

We shall go through the mind of a guru, Peter Drucker The Theory of a Business Drucker believes that the theory of a business or the assumptions on which a company has been built and is operating on depends on: Assumptions about the environment of the organization Assumptions about the specific mission of the organization Assumptions …

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Total Productive Maintenance

Introduction to Total Productive Management (TPM)

A 3-Day seminar designed to help you Reduce Breakdowns, Stoppages and Lower your Costs! Purpose of Seminar: TPM focuses on getting managers, maintenance personnel and equipment users all working together to prevent equipment problems and reduce expenditures. By giving ownership and responsibility of equipment and processes to the right employees, equipment breakdowns are reduced. 5S …

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Team Building

Team building

Overview This 2 day workshop is aimed at laying the foundations for a strong and productive team. During this workshop the team establishes its purpose and vision, works on setting team objectives, discusses the roles in the team and decides on a team Code of Conduct. Learning outcomes By the end of this workshop, learners …

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Safety health and environment

Safety Health and Environmental

Overview This 2 day workshop is designed to help the organisation eliminate losses due to safety and environmental management non-conformities. Topics Covered Risk assessment and Hazard identification Hazardous tasks Electrical Safety Personal Protective equipment Behavioral safety Environmental awareness and aspects Safe handling of chemicals Permit to system Learning outcomes By the end of this workshop, …

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focused improvement

Focused Improvement

Overview This workshop is designed to run for 2 days and is aimed at helping participants identify waste in their workplace and to enable them to eliminate it through a series of 10 step kaizen technique. During the course of the workshop, the participants also discuss the cost of waste and the advantages of team …

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Effective Maintenance Training

COURSE DURATION: 3 days COURSE DESCRIPTION As more and more companies fight for survival and compete on a global scale, the implementation of ‘lean production’ or ‘world-class manufacturing’ practices has become commonplace.  These practices eliminate all forms of waste and fat (such as buffer stock, excess capacity and overproduction and long lead times) from the …

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Autonomous Maintenance Step 3-7

Overview This 1 day workshop is designed to help teams to reduce equipment problems by empowering operators to take greater care of their equipment. During the course of the workshop, the teams will gain practical experience in equipment care and basic cleaning and inspection Learning outcomes By the end of this workshop, learners will be …

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