This 2 day workshop is designed to help the organisation eliminate losses due to safety and environmental management non-conformities.

Topics Covered

  • Risk assessment and Hazard identification
  • Hazardous tasks
  • Electrical Safety
  • Personal Protective equipment
  • Behavioral safety
  • Environmental awareness and aspects
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Permit to system


Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Identify hazards and carry out risk assessment.
  • Understand and apply safe chemical handling.
  • Know ISO 14001 environmental safety management requirements.
  • Know the rudiments of behavioural safety.
  • Apply the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Understand electrical safety standards.
  • Practical application of the permit to work system


Customisation required

The trainer will be required to obtain the following team/department specific information prior to presenting this module. This information will be used to ensure that the training is relevant and learners understand the concept and principles of the module better.

  • Examples of Hazards in the learners work area.
  • Examples of Key safety metrics or measures
  • Practical examples of hazardous tasks
What’s Included?

  • Instruction by expert facilitators
  • Small, interactive classes

  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion